Partners in Therapy, PLLC
Partners in Therapy, PLLC

                          Mission Statement


We strive to build a strong partnership with parents and caregivers and enable each child to reach their fullest potential, feel confident about their abilities, and experience success in everyday activities.

                                                        Company Overview


Our name, Partners in Therapy, is based on our strong belief that you, the parents/caregivers, and your child’s therapist must develop a partnership in order to maximize the effectiveness of the intervention process and to allow your child to reach his or her fullest potential.


This partnership is critical to your child’s success in therapy because no one knows your child like you do! You will determine what needs are most important to you and your child and what goals should be a priority.

By being an active participant in each therapy session, you will learn effective strategies for teaching your child new skills. After learning these strategies, we will work together to identify ways in which you can embed learning opportunities into your typical daily routine. Not only does this approach limit disruption to your family’s life, but research has proven that children learn best when they learn new skills within the context of their naturally occurring routines. We aim to empower you to further stimulate your child’s development.



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